Tornado Destroys Home of New York Couple for the Second Time

The tornado that hit last Saturday destroyed the home of Jimmy and Victoria Bova, residents of Schaghticoke, the couple’s second home that has been lost to a tornado.

Picking up the Broken Pieces

After the severe storm last Saturday, the Schaghticoke couple started picking up their home’s broken pieces on Sunday, as their house was left in ruins.

Jimmy and his wife Victoria were staying at home during the time the tornado arrived. Victoria says she was standing right by their door when their room was blown apart by the tornado.

#mce_temp_url#Tornado Destroys Home of Schaghticoke Couple and Takes Away Everything They Have

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The tornado that hit last Saturday destroyed the home of Jimmy and Victoria Bova, residents of Schaghticoke, which is the couple’s second home that has been lost to a tornado

Within mere minutes, Jimmy and Victoria’s home have been ripped apart.

Tornado Reports

According to the National Weather Service, they confirmed that two tornadoes have touched down in Rensselaer and Saratoga Counties.

In Stillwater, an EF-1 scale tornado touched down just before 5:30 AM, bringing up to 100 miles per hour. Shortly afterward, another tornado of the same EF-1 level touched down as well in Schaghticoke, having winds of up to 110 miles per hour.

Tornado on the Bova Residence

According to the National Weather Service’s reported coordinates, the tornado had touched down at the cornfield right at the front of the Bova couple’s residence located on Verbeck Avenue.

They were caught completely by surprise when the tornado struck their home, with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour already barreling in their direction.

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The Bovas’ Latest Tornado Experience

According to what Victoria told Briana Supardi of CBS6, they ran towards their basement to cover the tornado. However, one of their dogs had gotten loose. When Jimmy went down to the basement with one of their dogs, she tried to grab their other little white dog. 

When she got back out, the room suddenly blew up while she was closing down their basement as she started going down into it. She said that the tornado landed right upon their house.

Second Encounter

This was not the first time that home of Jimmy and Victoria Bova was devastated by the passing of a tornado. Victoria says that this was already the second time.

Their first encounter was with the tornado that hit in Mechanicville in 1998. This one ripped their roof off. They needed to rebuild their home from the disaster as well. The tornado also killed one of their horses.

Victoria says that the tornado that hit their home last Saturday cause much worse damage. This time, Victoria says that it took out all they had, including their house and garage. She says they have no choice but to rebuild again.

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Their Current Condition

Jimmy has multiple sclerosis; the storm damaged the motorized wheelchair he was using. The couple will be temporarily living in a camper for the next coming few days. It was lent to them by a friend while they are looking for a better place to stay.

As they try to move forward with their life, Victoria is determined to keep staying positive and focus on the brighter days ahead instead of dwelling on their present dark condition.

An online GoFundMe page was set up for those willing to help Jimmy and Victoria Bova rebuild their lives after their encounter with a tornado in Schaghticoke.

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